Al Hussain International

About US

We are the largest Stockholders and Importers of VALVES, PIPES, FITTINGS and supplier of world best brands of Energy Control & Transmission Products.

The success of a professional organization stands on the reliability, consistency, efficiency and technical capabilities. We are well established and flourished as one of leading suppliers, importers and indenters for industrial equipment in Pakistan. Al-Hussain International is registered in more than 100 Government and private organization of the country.

We are also exclusive representative in Pakistan of well reputed international Importers of industrial equipments. We are well known in Pakistan and aboard for our efficient services to our customers.

Our quick responses to our customer’s valves enquiries, prompt delivery time – with competitive rates, fetched us a reputation in short span of time and Al Hussain International is now regarded as one of the more reliable valves suppliers in this part of the world.